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DC Bullpup kit for Ruger 10/22

We are a small venture, but we have a passion for shooting and a need to be different. Every one of our kits are hand made and triple checked to ensure accurate tolerances. Our current Bullpup stock is a new version of our original design, and it offers superb accuracy, firm rigidity, and dependable operation.

We are making a new site!!  Http:// We know this site you are on now has annoying pop-ups, so we are in the process of creating a professional web page. It is a work in progress, but should be updated and taking over soon.

<-- Pictured here is the NEW version equipped on a 10/22 with a Heavy Barrel.  Our LP4 Bullpup Stock carries all of the same features as the LP3 but is designed for a .920-heavy barrel-equipped 10/22, they are otherwise identical. 

We employ a tube-style forestock that is much more ergonomic. It holds up to four integrated rails, does not touch the barrel or impede barrel resonation, and we think it looks cool as well. Optional vented feature is shown.

DC Bullpup Stock

   NEW!!! One of the key updates to our new version is an improved cam-style trigger linkage! This anables you to adjust the draw, and eradicates play and slop in the trigger pull. When safely set, trigger action is crisp and linkage movement is undetectable. (see Diagram on Custom2 Page)

   Our Bullup stock is a two piece metal body fixed to the barrel of the donor weapon by aluminum mounting blocks. Proper uniform torque procedures in assembling eliminates all flex normally associated with aftermarket Bullpup type stocks. It also delivers superb accuracy due in part to the barrel being uniformly held in place. Theoretically, this is an improvement over the original Ruger 10/22 stock as wood flexes with temperature and barometric/atmospheric changes.

    We designed this after being discouraged by plastic "name brand" kits that did not hold a zero, were not consistent and felt like they were held together by rubber bands.

    Make no mistake, our stocks are extremely rigid. We have lots of comments likening this stock to tanks and brick s**t houses! (The RamLine stock in particular feels like a toy when assembled) You will NOT mistake the LP3/LP4 for anything other than a serious piece of equipment.


George Alford- 843 423 2204


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We offer two basic kits to get you shooting quickly, but you can also build your own custom kit by checking out the Custom pages for more info

Home Page -Contact info @ Bottom!!Custom PagePlinker Kit: Bullpup stock, Unit Rail(Weaver compatable)

Custom2 Page More info on the LP4

Photo2 Page Different configurations, and Info on the LP3 & LP4, inculding a diagram with an exploded view.

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This site does not offer any firearms, you will have to obtain your own Ruger 10/22 for complete assembly. We are not responsible for negligent discharges!! Maintain muzzle awareness! Treat every gun asa loaded gun!


Ruger 10/22 Bullpup Stocks .22 cal

Here it is, our LP4 accomadating the .920 Barrel!!


George Alford- 843 423 2204


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